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EveryBenefit ideation story started in 2013, where EveryBenefit co-founder worked as an Entrepreneur In Residence for a Seed-Stage Venture Capital company focus on Health Information Technology. After working in the Health IT field for 5+ years in IT management consulting they noticed a problem with how the industry operated. Frustrated with their experience they began consulting with South Florida Technology leaders to research how to provide better solutions for employers. That’s what birthed EveryBenefit.

EveryBenefit is a platform that puts users at the center to create the best employee benefits experience. Our team is dedicated to equity, diversity, and inclusion. As a team with backgrounds in technology, healthcare, and marketing we aimed to build a scalable platform aimed at emerging markets targeting companies whose HR reflects how the future of work will look. We believe the benefits experience is already being transformed and we seek to be the most flexible way to grow your business. We are driven to touch a million people with a diverse & inclusive team that reflect why we started this company in the first place.

We focus on engagement. We put users at the center and seek to engage employees to understand their employee benefits using mobile technology that can sync with emerging technology. We can increase employee utilization.

We put our users first. If your an employer then HR shouldn’t be hard. We enable easy integrations with other systems and make it easy for all to navigate their benefit plans online.

We partner with forward-thinking Benefit Partners. We allow our offering with top Professional Employer Organizations and brokers. We act as a platform so our interest is in delivering value for everyone.

We are a tech company that builds software and have a platform for businesses to handle HR and navigate employee benefits for the forward-thinking organizations seeking cutting edge technology. We have a user-first model focusing on delivering value for employers and their employees. Our partners are benefit brokers, independent agents, payroll or human management companies, insurance carriers, and other related providers. We provide a full encompassing technology platform for every party involved. That’s EveryBenefit.

EveryBenefit HQ is located in Miami, Florida Overtown Area. Our office is designed to bring together the brightest minds in technology to work in a diverse & inclusive work environment. It’s a 5-minute drive from Downtown Miami, the 2nd Largest Health District in the nation, and the Financial District.

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